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Windows 8 tries to prevent programs from setting up their own file associations after their initial installation. It wants subsequent file association changes made with the "Default Programs" utility on the control panel (for bulk file type changes) or a file's "Choose default program..." context menu command (for individual file type changes).

If Winamp and/or certain file types do not appear in the control panel utility, then they were not registered properly in the registry. This could be an OS error, or Winamp did not install properly, or the file type was not registered when a program that can open it was installed. If Winamp shows up in a mp3 file's context menu's "Choose default program..." command window, then it should also be listed in the control panel utility. If it isn't listed in the context menu command, that is another indication that Winamp wasn't installed properly.

Sometimes, shutting down Winamp and just re-running the Winamp installer in Administrator Mode 'fixes' things. Normally the installer elevates itself as needed, but this may not have happened.

You can also try shutting down Winamp and changing the "IsFirstInst=" and "NeedReg=" options values in the "[WinampReg]" section of the "Winamp.ini" file from 0 to 1 (with Notepad), then re-running Winamp.

If you don't know or can't find which folder the "Winamp.ini" file is in (the folder may be hidden on your system), use the OS search feature to locate the file.

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