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However, the things I mentioned, the Winamp Agent and the "Extended Jump To File Support" were just examples.
Well I thought that you wanted to know what they were for, based on your question. If I had thought otherwise I would not have wasted any of my time explaining what they are for. You asked about them specifically, and I answered.
I was looking for a complete list of explanations of all the features you can choose (not) to install with Winamp.
You will not find such a list. None exist. You can suggest this in the Wishlist forum but I doubt if anybody at AOL/Nullsoft will bother to compile such a thing. And since the Moderators here are not paid in any way, I doubt if any of us would tackle it either. I certainly won't. But what I will do is try my best to answer questions (such as yours) in these forums if possible.
I mean, when you don't know what for instance the Jump-To-File thing does, how are you supposed to know if you want/need it?
How are you supposed to know if something is wanted/needed? Do what I and just about everyone else does... install the Full package with all features checked. Then as you try each feature, you can decide if you don't want it or not. In most cases, such as with JTFE or any other plugin, if you don't like it, the plugin(s) can be easily uninstalled via Preferences > Plug-in > Plug-in category/type > highlight/select the plug-in > click "Uninstall plug-in" button

An alternative method would be to first close Winamp, then browse to the Winamp\Plugins folder on your hard drive, and physically remove the DLL file for the plug-in.

In the rare case that a feature/component cannot be removed in the above manner then just uninstall/reinstall Winamp 5 Full but at that point you can UNcheck the feature that you have already "test-driven" and do not want.
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