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I'm running winamp beta 5.59 on win xp pro 32bit and I'm also unable to detect my Samsung Galaxy S international.
I'm running a custom rom on froyo based on jpo.
I experienced that connecting through usb causes force close on my desktop winamp when the mount option in mobile winamp is active. With this option disabled, wired sync works great to external sd card. Once i tick the box, winamp shuts down and reports an error caused by ntdll.dll (i think that was the name...)
Wifi sync ticked in wa mobile doesn't affect anything for me.
Locate devices to try a wireless sync just reports no hits or simply doesn't start. As i can't access the plugin (winamp wifi plugin) config menu (if there is any) I can't locate any problem with the wifi itself (browsing ect works)
Maybe an error with wpa2 secured wifi? I just tested without security options in my router, still doesn't work.

Any workarounds or fixes?
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