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I've got a HTC driod Incredible running 2.2
After successfully synching my phone (via wireless) to my desktop (32-bit, win 7 pro), I wanted to then sync my phone to my notebook (64-bit, win7 home premium)
At first, the sync would not work. I tried uninstalling the winamp andriod app and tried to sync again - didn't work.
After looking going to (within Winamp on the computer) Library, Media Library Preferences/ Plug-ins/Portables I selected and uninstalled the android plug-in (pmp_andriod.dll)
Immediately, Winamp recognized and saw my phone.
After restarting winamp, I wasn't sure if the plug-in would reinstall itself - apparently it doesn't. Though, my phone still works. Not sure why, but it does. Hope this is helpful for someone else w/ a Driod Incredible.
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