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It is quite inconvenient if you are listening to an Audio book which every track can have 10min and up to 30 min play time.
Imagine starting the whole chapter over because you pressed the wrong button?
And waste time finding the last position on the track again?
Also my Play/Pause button on my keyboard does give me headaches too. Sometimes when I try to pause Winamp using my keyboard it thinks I pressed the play button. Usually that happens when I start Winamp by pressing Play. And when I use the Play/Pause button on the keyboard after that it registers as if I pressed the play button. (Which I technically did by using the keyboard but I expect it to pause when its playing. After that the keyboard workd fine as long as I don't start the Winamp by using its own play button)

Okay, so I may have to change the skin. I will try that.
By the way svnpenn, I actually do use the Big Bento Skin as default, and you say you can fix it?

Also thank you for your responses.
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