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It has everything to do with 32 bit software, as it is only 32 bit software that is being targeted.
If Winamp is not released via the MS app store, installation may be blocked for some users at a later date.
The article does not say Windows will no longer be able to run x32 stuff. It clearly states that x32 software will still continue to run.
The bit of my comment you quoted is specific and accurate.

Obviously in practice it will be much like the popups we get when installing software with no certificate. Windows has the same 3 options.
So we can assume that for most people they will just see a warning, when installing Winamp.
However as we go further down the road we can expect MS to move the goalposts once more, as they want the dominance of their own app store, and finally they pull in-line with Google and Apple by disallowing by default anything from outside the store including 64bit.

At which point the more important question becomes, can we expect to see Winamp released via the app store (32 or 64 does not matter within the store).
Only Radionomy have the answer to that.

Mashups ? Smells like a lot of "Fishy Business" to me.
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