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Originally posted by Jay_S
At the risk of appearing ignorant please could you clarify a few things for me.


'Well actually.. I am more than content with all of my answers, and by taking a close look at the surrounding factors,I am even more content.'

I think for anyone who understands English it was plain to see I meant content as in 'substance', not content as in 'feeling of satisfaction'. Was this merely an oversight on your part or is there some comic undertone I have yet to grasp?


'I feel like I am trying to raise points with a group of kindergarten children,,,As I've said before it's an amazing situation when I see people replying to something that they have no knowledge of..'

By announcing people have no knowledge of a particular subject are you implying you are an authority to decide this? Just because a persons opinion/view differs from your own means they cannot have read or understood something properly?



You feel that I should take these types of comments more seriously..Instead of laughing my ass off at them.. ??'

You're saying you'll achieve more by replying with 'LOL!!!' or 'LMFAO!!' than a coherent well balanced arguement?

I do find it a little difficult to comprehend, someone who practically announces their understanding of 'the word' finds it so difficult to use punctuation or minimize their use of BOLD.
Well I can answer all of those quickly for you there Jay!!..Yes I am an authority and yes I do laugh at those issues I believe are hilarious..I also do like to make the part of my replies that I choose..Stand Out ..

Don't be concerned about your ignorance, I'm not
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