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Originally Posted by Urge View Post
... And another thing - not sure if this is by design or not - is creating new APEv2 tag supposed to remove an existing Lyrics3 tag? Have lost some lyrics while thoughtlessly adding replay gain without checking that the create new APEv2 tag option is deactivated first.
There is potential for conflict with APE and Lyric3 tags. depending on where in the file they are written.

Lyric3 is actually an extension of the ID3v1 tags and occupies the same space in the file that may also be used by APE tags, so it's easy to see how things can get overwritten.
Add to this that Winamp is not really Lyric3 aware, but just does a dirty search for extended info fields.
[edit] A consequence of this is that you must always keep ID3v1 tags when writing to the file or Lyric3 will no longer be seen by other applications.

I've never used APE and have no idea how Winamp handles them though, (and in particular, where it stores them).
Something one of the devs may be able to help with.
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