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Originally Posted by OlexijL View Post
@Aminifu: thanks. It was the Sonic Engine i installed. That was it. Now i wanna know how to burn without use of Sonic Engine...
Or for what is the Sonic Engine exactly for?

PS: If Sonic Engine produces a crash on some systems it would be better to do something about it.
Koopa and DrO have discussed the issues with Sonic and with the announced shutdown by AOL its too late to do anything about it. Winamp plays CDs just fine without the Sonic support and as I said, I don't use Winamp to burn CDs.

As for CD burning, it depends on the kind of burning you want to do. If its a data CD (just putting your files on it), I now use the feature provided with Windows 7. Winamp does not (and never did) burn data CDs anyway.

If its an audio CD, believe it or not, I now use the Windows Media Player. It does a good job and is simple to use.

I mostly use digital players now and rarely burn an audio CD.

Anyway, the technology is very mature now and there are plenty of free apps available to burn (and/or rip) CDs and DVDs. Some even handle Blu-Ray. In the past, I had good results with "StarBurn" for data, audio, and video CD/DVD burning (link below).

For serious CD ripping, I use "Exact Audio Copy" (link below). I've heard good things about "Audiograbber", but never tried it.

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