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Hi zorancv!

I'm sorry, but I can't send you the dll for controlling the LED, cause it's not freeware...

Here is a part of the readme:


DLL Driver for ChromoFlex


This is a simple demonstration of driving a ChromoFlex-Network
from an own Application by using a DLL.

This software is CONFIDENTAL and NOT PUBLIC!

Please regard our copyright. If you would like to use this
drivers for own projects, please ask. We will be happy to
support your professional projects.

Administrative contact/licensing:
A permission/contract for using this software is available from

I asked somebody from Chromoflex, he was very friendly and sent me the DLL, but I don't want to give it to other people... sorry

But you could ask him too, email address is here: --> technical contact

My Plugin with sourcecode is attached to this post, but it won't work without the DLL from chromoflex...

You will also need some other DLLs. They are too big to be attached, but you can google for it...

The Plugin isn't yet finished, but it works... Currently I have no time to improve it...
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