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Who to talk to about being un-banned?

Hi, i have been using shoutcast for a couple years now and nsv technology for almost a year, and am very pleased with the results so much that NSV has become my primary video delivery system.

I develop websites for people and the last one I have been working on did feature adult content, and since this project I have noticed that I have been "permanently banned due to violation."

I am wondering what may have been the cause of this and what steps need to be taken to resolve this issue.

I do know that my bit-rate may have been inaccurate as I was trying many different combinations of framerate/compression settings within NSVCAP, and I read that this can be a reason for being banned.

I was testing the stream for approximatly 3 days and upon switching back to another project I realized the problem.

The address that was banned was
If you need any further information please ask.

Looking forward to your responce.
Thank you, Aaron.
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