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Originally posted by The Blueprint
For awhile in Canada (before they came out with the new 50's and 100's) nobody would accept $50 or $100 bills because there were too many counterfeits floating around.
That reminds me of something I posted about on my forums... I had been up for 14 hours staring at black and white code, so my eyes were horrid

I haven't had a haircut in a while, so I guess im pulling that stoner look with the bloodshot eyes and shit.

I went in walmart and the cashier, old woman, checked my 5 dollar bill.

Me: "You're checking a 5 dollar bill?"
Her: "We're supposed to check them all"
Me: "No you aren't"
Her: "Ive seen counterfeit tens before"
Me: "This is a five"
Me: "see, it's real.. but if i ever do start counterfeiting, ill make sure to stay away from you"

yeah, i'm back.
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