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The "Copy Protection" you describe makes no sens at all. What is the sens in checking for spcecific files? Even the most simple CD/DVD burning software can create a 1:1 copy of the original disk. This will not only copy ALL files, it will also create an exact copy of the filesystem. So you won't be able to distinguish the copy from the original, even when looking very closely. That's why all "real" copy protection systems put all kinds of crap on the disc: bad sectors, invalid filesystems and so on. They try to make it as hard as possible to read out the disc. And even if you manage to read the disc, your copy won't contain certain "errors" that the original did. So the absence of those "errors" will help to detect a "Copy". But again: This all requires special proprietary software. Also it will require special CD/DVD mastering, which you can't do "at home". And most important: "Copy Protection" systems that work like that are a slap in the face of your customers, because they can't make legitimate backups of the CD/DVD they payed money for. After all, people WILL crack your software, if they really want. No kind of "Protection" can ever prevent that...

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