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Seriously, winamp is the greatest music player ever. It has no comparisons with ANY other windows/linux players (above all with linux ones). For sure, the only reason for me(and I'm pretty sure that for some other guys too) to use the poor windows is of course because winamp is over there and it does not work nicely with VMwares and Wine. Winamp may be the WINamp, and it may be a little bit hard to "port" or even write all of its codes again just to be on linux, but it will REALY worth it.

As you all can see, microsoft is making of windows a little circus of horrors. Even their workers complain about what the OS is becoming day after day. I know that for Radionomy it looks a lot more viable, but with the advance of Ubuntu and a lot of other nice Linux distros and, we must say, the fall of windows with vista and 8, and this awful implementation of Metro (principally) (some day MS love it, another one, they hate it. Personally I hate it.), we must notice that write a linux version for winamp would be an interesting point to explore. And I am really sure that the comunity would help each possible need that you must have with so much pleasure.
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