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Originally Posted by brookbot View Post
Winamp is also the first app I lunch - that is after everytime I'm forced to reboot... Can't get any work done w/o it.

You guys seriously need to reconsider linux support and development. The future is a low power, Android based, TV box and mobile devices. Qualcomm makes a wireless chip w/a DSP that includes all the decoders you could want. Windows is a dying platform and it only took us 20 years or so to get rid of it. Anyone that supports a proprietary, closed OS is just crazy.

Now that I don't have a Winblows box anymore, I'm really hurting for winamp on linux. I'm not worried about all the "features", who's bone head decision was it to embedd a browser in winamp anyway? Winamp as a small lightweight music player/internet radio was the best and can still be.

I've been using it for the past 15 or so years, and I'm available to work on a Linux version. If it comes out for my TV, I will prefer to use it. Wish I have it for my car...

I have Winamp working rather well under Wine on Ubuntu studio. Albeit a slightly older version (2.91) I have also had 5.621 working on wine as well.

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