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In all honesty, I have no idea who Adil is, I've never seen his skins, so I don't care.

You guys really worry me sometimes. There are going to be casualties in War. On both sides. Phily, you seem to be stuck on the idea that Saddam is an okay guy, or that he's evil BECAUSE of the US, which is imo, complete and utter Bullcookies. The guy was/is evil. We helped him? I've yet to see proof, but if it is true, why won't you support us removing his sorry ass. Saddam is a nutcase. He's NOT COOL. He is definately NOT a surfer. He has killed members of his own family to "achieve" his position. This is not a man who'd I'd call right in the skull.
All the actors and actresses who think that Their opinions matter more than mine can go piss in the wind. That includes Janine Garafolo, who hasn't been in a good movie in three years. They believe that by publically condemning the soldiers, they'll become more popular. Again, bullcookies.
Folks, this is NOT Vietnam. We haven't been there for ten years. Saddam has, (I still don't see prove we did but) if we put him there, I think it's time to end his political career.
Phily, I'd love for you to admit he's a slime ball, just so I don't have to consistantly believe you support this wet-end.
This war will be over soon. It's like a bad cut on the knee. Soon it will heal, and although some things will be different, most things will go back to normal. We can all go back to talking about hot chicks on the beach and boarding and summertime. I can't wait, because GD is starting to get dumb at very specific points.

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