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Originally posted by Fickle
Phily, you seem to be stuck on the idea that Saddam is an okay guy, or that he's evil BECAUSE of the US, which is imo, complete and utter Bullcookies. The guy was/is evil. We helped him? I've yet to see proof, but if it is true, why won't you support us removing his sorry ass. Saddam is a nutcase. He's NOT COOL. He is definately NOT a surfer. He has killed members of his own family to "achieve" his position. This is not a man who'd I'd call right in the skull.
phily has not said that.

phily has not insinuated that.

you're choosing to believe that he thinks this, because you don't want to face the consequences of his real arguments.

nobody is saying saddam is a nice guy. nobody is defending him.

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