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OK, thanks DJ Egg for the quick reply.
Side-note: the links you provided are all pointing to single stuff (i. e. for 3 codec versions you need 3 different install "campaigns"), not the full 5.0 package. Seems I'm right that it's now withdrawn from the net.-

VGA is an ASUS v9520/TD GeForce FX 5200.
Drivers are latest detonators v61.77.

Settings in advanced video options:

[ ] Lock video aspect ratio
[X] Allow hardware video overlay
[X] Allow YV12 overlay mode
[ ] Synchronize video to screen refresh rate

Any suggestions?
(Remember it works in ages-old Media Player 6.4 with no problems )

The latest Indeo package for XP is no longer free
Bingo! No wonder that full v5 package has been withdrawn from the official source since a decent period of time.
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