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Originally posted by VortX
I think I have noticed the same problem as Knotte. The first letter on the songticker appears faded in windowshade view (see attachment) EDIT: sorry, forgot the attachment
Huh? First letter ->faded? Im did not say that... I was saying that the songticker had some lag/kick problems, which I think can be fixed.. Because I love the new options, it just need some adjustments for lag, etc...

The other thing i mention`ed was space on the right side (we were discussing this in 5.36 Beta2, and I made an example file)... But that file was made WHEN the playlist item number was shown in the songticker..
In WA 5.5 it is removed, so my adjustments is not quite correct...
But, I can try to fix that... But I havent got a reply from the DEVs yet, if they want me to do it, so Im waiting a little bit...

As I have told you before, WA 5.5 is hot - The new features are hot - I just told you some ideas to fix the lag/kick (a weird thing)...
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