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Sounds like another sports skin, same answer I gave a few posts up to keeter81....

What happend to the sports skins?

AOL owns Nullsoft, the company that publishes Winamp and upkeep's the web site. Recently (August 31ish, 2001) AOL corporate notified the Webmaster of that they were very displeased by the fact that allowed major league sport skins to be published on their website. A list of skins to be deleted was sent along with this message, as well as the instructions not to publish any more 'NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL or college team skins' on the site. We of the Skin Review Squad apologise to the authors of such skins, and suggest that you try DeviantArt,1001 Winamp Skins, or any other of the numerous sites that publish Winamp 2.xx skins.
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