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It's all in the faq:

General Guidelines for Publishing Winamp2 Skins.

Do not publish Beta versions; discuss them first in the WA2 Skins Forum. Fully baked skins are much better.

Do not publish incomplete skins; every skin should at least have the Main, Equaliser,Play List and Browser skinned, we also like the video and AVS/ML/Gen windows skinned as well, cursors are a bonus, but not essential.

Controls, make sure you put as many controls as you can on your skin, skins have to be functional remember. This particulary applies to the EQ area remember God loves equalizers and punishes those who build skins without including his favorite toy.

Don't submit hundreds of colour variations of the same skin, these will only be rejected.

If you are going to use a skin tool to make your skin, then try keep the submissions down to a minimum, we allow 5 skinner skins per author, per day, the rest will be rejected, don't say we didn't warn you.
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