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two scopes from one superscope

hey, I was wondering if it were possible to have one superscope perform the functions of two superscopes, mainly can you divide a superscope in 2, and have one side display the left channel, and have the opposite side display the right channel? I've been messing around and one possible solution I came up with is this:

x = if(equal(min(i,.5),.5),getspec(i,0,2),getspec(i,0,1));

because piR's guide, and PAK-9's guide both say that i is the relative position of the point drawn, from 0 to 1, but, sadly, that particular code always triggers false, if I change i to .5 or higher then it will trigger true.
is there something I'm doing wrong?
the whole ss is


y = i;
x = if(equal(min(i,.5),.5),getspec(i,0,2),getspec(i,0,1));

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