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Drop the equal(min( thingey and use the above() function instead; that would make (working sample):

//+2 because you want just as many lines as you have pixels, not points.

//needed for the skip() function

//remove the line between the two scopes.
//this line can also be used if n changes, but not if the both halfs don't have the same amount of points.

y=if(below(i,.5), //seperate the line in two equal parts: ---|---
i*4-1, //define y for the first part (left)
i*4-3); //define y for the second part (right)

//define x for the first part (left)
//define x for the second part (right)

if you don't understand what I'm doing with y, just enter some values for i and see what it does.

What I'm basically doing with getspec() in x is multiplying i by two, and then I either use the first half (0 to 0.5 of i, now 0 to 1), or the second half (>0.5 to 1 of i; now >1 to 2)

I hope this helps

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