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wait, is this the same guy?

Hi Nivush
these mandelbrots are lovely, but very GPU intensive. They slow down my cheap nvidia card to some 15 frames per second.. which is not so pleasant to watch.

Also, every few second the Mandelbrot shape disappears and I only get to see the background. I could not figure out why.

Just as a hint, the shapes are distorted which becomes most apparent during a rotation. Suggest to use aspect ratio correction in the warp shader such as uv = (uv-0.5)*aspect.xy+0.5.
Same in principle in the comp shader for the background sun, but only for that; for GetPixel or tex2D(sampler_main, uv), you should stick to the original uv. Getting this right is sometimes a bit tricky, check if it works correctly by resizing the viewing screen. The image should not appear compressed or stretched either horizontally or vertically.

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