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Imported playlists aren't updated after saving

I have several different playlists that I've imported from my network drive... they're all m3u8. The issue I'm having is, when I drag and drop songs onto the playlist, I obviously want to save the playlist, so those songs persist. When I click save, it always opens File Explorer and asks where to save it, so I select the same file that I imported my playlist from.

After it saves, the songs do show in the playlist, but the issue is when I select a different playlist and come back to the one I had just saved... the songs are gone. If I re-import the playlist, the songs are there. It's almost like the imported version is cached locally on my drive, and it's not actually using the reference back to the network drive.

Is there any way to correct this? It's really annoying to have to keep re-importing the same playlist, especially if I added 1 song.
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