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Media Library all the sudden only loads in Alphabetical order.

Whenever I double-click on an album in the Media Library, it's now only loading in Alphabetical order, rather than track order. This seems like it started happening within the past week or so, and has happened to me on two different computers.

The only option I can find that even remotely sounds like it could effect this is in "Advanced Playback Settings" which says "When loading multiple files, sort files by name" and I have it unchecked, on both machines.

Did something break or change in Winamp lately? Anybody else noticing this problem? It never used to do that before.

Yes, I know I can Misc-Sort by Path/Filename, but that's a pain and this never used to be an issue. Plus, when I'm playing my iPod, that feature doesn't work properly since the files are all renamed when transfered.
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