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At first it looked good.... than.


Trying to get live streaming to work.
All three components (dnas, winanp player, source plugin) in the same windows 2003 box.
p4 2.6 - 1g ram - 10mb connection.

I can see everything appears to be working as it should.
I created a simple 3 song playlist. Named the playlist test.pls and placed it in C:/Program Files/SHOUTcast/content

I play test.pls and it goes well. the source communicates with the dnas.

when i go, in my local machine, to i get the infamous "invalid resource" .

if i, however, try to get a single song from the content page, such as
it will download fine and play on my local winamp.

any help would be appreciated.

btw, i have the latest version of every component.
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