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my reference to 'old code' was before all of changes or whatever were made to libmpcdec which effectively makes the in_mpc source code presently available old code (and from my understanding from what has been said about those who were trying to update in_mpc upto current specs - it's effectively a full re-write that is needed to make it able to use the newer libmpcdec).

i should have been clearer in my post but as an adage, you'd have been better off posting in one of the existing mpc related threads, more specifically the one related to the Nullsoft built one (of the code base which the musepack devs i believe dropped all support and won't update themselves - as was discussed in other threads it then leaves the point of why others should update/code it anew if the originators/contributers can't be bothered to do it)

and i'm not at all bothered about your views about me (from that thread), i'm not going to lose any sleep over it

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