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I_E_P_U_R_A_S: from what you pasted from the example configuration files, there are two types of playlists. the main one and then scheduled ones which the example attempts to show how you can set one playlist and then have different ones used at different times (in combination with the scheduling options with calendar.xml).

and another question I want to make dynamic playlists Every day another one contains curly example can someone show me?
you can create a script or reference a tool which is referenced in the playlist though i don't have any examples of one which actually works (something for a future version of the documentation) which would allow for dynamically changing playlists (unless there are some with the older release threads of sc_trans).

oLRi: you're looking at a feature request to have the playlist play at the time wanted instead of it being scheduled to run after the currently playing item finishes as i've seen this come up a few times during looking into existing issues / complaints with sc_trans - has also caught me out a few times so seems like a valid thing to log down for trying to implement when time allows it.

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