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The thing is that we have had a dry season for the last 10 months.
The last post here was on June 2011.
That is a long time ago, and well, since I started this whole thing, I though I should be the one that either keep it alive? Or the last one posting ... :P

Thus, here is my poem for the day.

:: I told you so ::

I am no saint
that much is clear
so I am not going to apologize
about my behavior and the words I use
been telling everyone what I see
out there in this grayish world
using feelings that most will call
too strong for the likes of the soft and weak
leave now but don't you dare accuse me
of not telling you so
veil your eyes and ears if you wish
even as the wall crumbles around you
know this simple truth
life will go on regardless of your choice on how to face it all

Sometimes it is just being me that counts
By: izchan
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