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This is all very useful stuff, and I'm sure many people, including myself, appreciate your efforts to help out the skinning community. But I'd like to see what the finished xml looks like. A lot of the comments you've put into the scripts assume that the reader knows what all this scripting talk is about, and I for one don't. This is all new to me (and I'm sure thousands of other future skinners) and can be quite frustrating with the scant documentation I've been able to find on the Winamp site.

I'm not an idiot. I've been programming for quite some time now (20 years, give or take). I have also gone through the myriad WA3 tutorials, found articles on the web, disected numerous skins, andsuccessfully gotten the rudiments going, but I'm still lost at this point. Could someone, ANYONE, make a simple skin that utilizes these advanced components (irregular seekers, volume bars, play to pause, etc) so that we can see what the working xml looks like?
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