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Haha, I came back from my hiking trip this weekend, logged onto the forums, couldn't find this thread. Thought it must have sunk to page 2 already and was figuring no one was gonna get anything from it. Never thought I would find it stickified.
Anyways, I am glad to find people are benefitting from it. I'll be adding some more tonight or tomorrow sometime.
->lakitu42: heh, no worries, I didn't think you came across sounding angry or anything. I totally agree, in order to do more complicated things, people are gonna need to learn to love std.mi and learn how to code for themselves. I figured this would help out those who either have no interest in learning MAKI, or, like me, like to have working examples in front of them(hence my bothering to include .m's) so they can get a better grasp of how the basics work before they go on to bigger things. Also, thanks for that link, didn't know of that resource.
->rintaro82: Look around, I bet you can find a skin that demonstrates basic stuff like this... Or to save you time, just go to Actually you may want to wait, I am gonna repost that skin using these exact scripts(right now they are the same scripts as these but written specifically for that skin) Let me know if you find that skin helpful, or if you find it lacking anywhere.
->willfisher: thanks for that script, I've been planning on posting a script that uses your code(you are credited, fear not!) to make it even easier to use for volume control.
->Paikan: Double thanks to you my friend! First catching a bug, then fixing it before I even looked at it I'll repost that script with those corrections. Did you have any success with your other two questions? If not, I'll look into them. And your English is fine
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