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Re: doesn't work for me

Originally posted by proton078
Thanks for the help but I still have a problem with the balance. It isn’t working the way the volume does (volume.maki, posted earlier), I’ve tried to change the volume.m to suit my needs, but I can’t find a function that is similar to System.GetVolume and setVolume for balance. Is there a function?
Sorry, I wasn't clear enough.

Functions "getBalance()" and "setBalance()" don't exist yet.
So, I've used small trick. Put one slider, that has action="PAN"
parameter, in your EQ or any window. That's balance. I know that's a
bit strange, but Nullsoft uses that.
I've linked actions on animated layer (anlBalance) with that slider
so when you "rorate" anlBalance, you automaticaly change balance.

About my script:
When Wa3 loads the script it will hide that slider cause it will
appear in the skin and it shouldn't. You use that slider's position
for getting balance value. 0 is far left and 255 is far right. 128 is
center position.
When you click that animated layer it registers mouse actions and
sets animated layer frame accordingly. Also, as you set anlBalance,
you set sliBalance (balance slider) position which then sets balance.

I think this was clear enough...
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