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What are the normalizing loudness of audio content (LUFS) for Radio 2021?

I want to know two things. What are the LUFs standards for radios in 2021 and is there a software for PC to convert audio with LUFs and without losing metadata?

LUFs standards

I receive mp3 in 320kb and convert it to 128kbs with Adobe Media Encoder before uploading to my radio server. The annoying thing about this software is that the value of the Album Artist and Cover image gets lost. This gives me extra work to fix the meta.

Adobe Media Encoder uses the following settings:
Loudness Standard: ITU BS.1770-3
Target Loudness: -14
Tolerance: 5
Max True Peak Level: -2 dbTP
Look-Ahead Time 12ms
Release Time: 200 ms

Are my settings wrong? Please let me know below (copy and paste below)
Loudness Standard:
Target Loudness:
Max True Peak Level:
Look-Ahead Time
Release Time:

Is there a better software I can work with and bulk convert audio without losing meta and applying Loudness settings for radio streaming?
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