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Section selection confusing

Hello everybody,

I have a, for me Confusing Problemen where i need the help from you.

In for my i installer i got the call the some addons requirt a specific addon and when of these addons are selected that specific addon must be selected too. THe Selection of it had resolved, but now on testing i see that i cant unselect the addon and now i know t and tryed to fix it.

I have a number of 5 sections + the "must" section extensions.

I have atm the following code:


Function .onSelChange
SectionGetFlags ${extensionsSec} $R0
IntOp $R0 $R0 & ${SF_SELECTED}
${IfNot} $R0 == ${SF_SELECTED}
SectionSetFlags ${extensionsSec} $0
!insertmacro ClearSectionFlag ${extensionsSec} ${SF_RO}

now the problems,
first how can i get the Section where is selected by user in runtime bevor installtion with out iteratin over all sections.
second how can i fix the problem that i cant unselect extensions when the addon where it needed is unselected.
I hope you can help me to solve this.

~ Cris
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