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Originally posted by jalexm
Thanks for the answer! Very clear!
Just one more thing: I can't hear any difference when checking/unchecking "Fast Layer 3 EQ" option. Well, I only hear MP3 files. Is this the reason?
Well, i hear difference when checking/unchecking "Fast Layer 3 EQ" option. Maybe because my sound card be Creative Sound Blaster AWE64, a little old it's true, but very good. My speakers are stereo and are big.
I prefer the standard equalizer (Fast Layer 3 checked), it seems that equalize the sound correctly, exactly the way i adjusted the equalizer.
The musics i tested were genre House, Trance and Rock. I hear difference in bass and treble, the treble is more clear, seems less distortion, the bass is stronger, with "Fast Layer 3 EQ" option checked. Maybe i should adjust the equalizer preset again when uncheck the "Fast Layer 3 EQ" option, for example if FL3EQ unchecked works like 4Front, this explain why i thought worse. 4Front is different the bands.
I tried the 4Front too one time, not bad, but i prefer the standard equalizer (Fast Layer 3 checked).
The equalizer preset that i tested was adjusted like the file attached.
PS: Remember that each sound system has one configuration to sounds good.
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