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Repeater 1.1 + Plug-in request + Setting audio transition

Hello everybody. (Please excuse me if I should make any grammar mistake, English is not my native language)

First question: I've installed version 1.1 of Repeater in my WinAmp 5.5, to transcribe some recorded lessons, but customization of rewind and fast forward times doesn't work, neither with audio files nor with video ones. Both with the Repeater's dialog box open and with the dialog box closed, the rew and ff times are stuck on 5 seconds. Can you tell if I'm making any mistake? Is there anything to activate in order to get the plug-in working or it's sufficient to have it installed?

Second question: to make transcription less hard, I'd like two functions in WinAmp. The first one is to have the possibility of making the pause button (even when activated with the related global-key) do a little rewind (customizable in seconds) before restarting the playback. This is because often I press pause in the middle of a word, and when I click it again the playback starts with the word truncated. It would be great if it could automatically come back a couple of seconds, for example, just before restarting the playback.
The second function that I'd like to have is a particular time slowdowner, that works only with the pause and the rewind functions, instead of really slowing down the speed of playback. I'm thinking of a plug-in like this: I start the playback, and, each 10 seconds WinAmp pauses for 5 seconds, then rewinds two seconds (this is like the previous function) and starts the playback again. So I'd get a general slowdown, but keeping the speed of the recorded audio intact. The values in seconds would be obviously customizable. This function would be to avoid to do more or less what I currently do, that is pressing a global key to rewind the playback each time I can't stay with the typing at pace with the spoken words.
So the third question is: is there any plug-in already built doing these functions? Or, if not, is there any of you that could make a plug-in like this for a little amount of money? (I suppose that nobody would make it for free. I've seen that DrO made Repeater for free just because a user asked a function, but I don't feel it would be nice to ask my plug-in in the same manner. To say the whole story, I'm not sure that I'll be surely satisfied with the functions I've exposed, but I'd like to give them a try to help me transcribing a lot of recorded lessons, and unfortunately my knowledge of WinAmp plug-in programming is null and asking someone for doing it for me is my only option).

Third question: is there any place in WinAmp where to disable the audio transition that occurs when playback controls are activated? (I'm referring in particular to rewind and fast forward buttons)

Thank you for your help, I'll wait for some answers.
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