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I have been testing version 1.3.551.38 for the last week on version 1511 of Windows 10 Home 64-bit. It is very fast and so far has been running without any problems. It came with 3 default plugins (2 for pdf viewing and 1 for enabling Widevine licenses for viewing html video) and no extensions. I did have to install the Chrome Flash plugin in order to play Flash videos on some of the websites I frequent.

Be careful adding extensions and plugins. As Dr.Flay says, in addition to the main app, a separate background process (using various amounts of memory) is ran for every extension, plugin, and open tab you use. The memory associated with a tab is released when a tab is closed. But it appears that even when an extension or plugin is disabled, a small amount of memory is still used for each one that is installed. Vivaldi does not provide a way to uninstall an extension or plugin from within the browser itself. You have to find the folders where they are installed and delete the appropriate files manually.

I already had an app for PDFs, so I wanted to remove Vivaldi's PDF plugins and discovered that I could only disable them. Disabled, they still use less than a megabyte of memory on my computer, so it's not worth looking for and deleting the appropriate files in this case. It may be different for other disabled extensions or plugins.

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