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M4A/AAC ID Tags Issue

After some trial and error I finally managed to transcode my files to m4a. When everything was still mp3 the ID tags worked fine but since changing to aac/m4a only a few albums work. The rest of the ID tags aren't read and I can only browse by the directory name. Has anyone else figured this out? I really don't want to switch back to mp3 again if it can be helped, especially since at least some of the tags do work. All of the files were encoded using the same application using Nero's AAC codec and all were tagged using MP3tag. The only difference between any of the albums is the frequency, some are 11025 Hz and some are 22050 Hz. I haven't had time to see if this is an issue just stating it as a possibility.
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Just thought I'd leave an update to this. After playing with different settings it seems the aac/m4a encode program and method makes a difference. Even though the PC reads the tags properly the mobile device doesn't. I went back to the original mp3s and made sure to do a batch convert using the same settings (64kbps 44KHz stereo, force LC AAC). This gets the artist, album, and title tags working properly but I still can't manage to get track tags working. As a work around I just changed the title tracks to include the track number at the start and since the app orders by title this works. It's not perfect but it gets the job done. If anyone figures out how to do it better please let me know, hope this helps someone else.
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Auto-transcode into M4A causes this issue, too.

I'm transcoding my cd-quality flacs to smaller device-supported codecs and I found that when using the MPEG-4 AAC Encoder v1.01 transcoder to automatically transcode files the songs lose their track order. They seem to keep Album and Artist name, but perhaps that's defined by the directory structure in the file system rather than the meta-data (ID3?) tag. I want to use this particular transcoder because A) it allows me to control the data rate of the output m4a and B) when I attempt to use the other transcoder, (that isn't .Wav) the MP3 Encoder v1.36, I get a nice erroneous error message telling me that "Some of these tracks were in an incompatible format and will not be transferred". Well duh! That's why you're supposed to transcode them for me, Winamp. Sheesh! (:

Just to be certain, it may be an Android device thing, as the files do not have track order meta-data in the default Music player, either. (On a Motorola Atrix 4G) Also, files output by the MPEG-4 transcoder onto my iPod _do_ have the track order intact.

What the what? (:
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