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Winamp not playing videos

Hi Members

I searched the FAQ’s, help section and other recommended areas on winamp and did not find a single fix for an issue in regards to videos not displaying in winamp version 5.622.

I am still utilizing windows 2000 mostly for music and video production work. The OS is a real workhorse and as long as the OS is functioning I still utilize it. I’ve spent two days trying to get videos (specifically .avi files) to play on my system using Winamp with NO LUCK. All mp3 files play perfectly in winamp version 5.622.

I discovered that if I raised or lower my video acceleration on my Matrox video card that I was able to get "some" videos to play although some were "jagged and skipped". Many videos were out of sync (audio and video) and compressed .avi files did not play at all.

I do have an XP system as well that plays videos with no problem using winamp ver. 5.622

I use my windows 2000 system for coding, music production and would like to design a freeform (modern) skin for Winamp. I have downloaded all the necessary tools as per the Winamp developer page.

I also have VLC media player installed and it plays everything and anything I can throw at it. Just curious why Winamp has issues playing videos on my win2k system?

Winamp 5.622 system requirements specify that Winamp will function normally with windows 2000/service pack 4 OS installed. I downloaded earlier versions of winamp 5.x and they still will not play videos reliably. The audio part is always ok but not the video.

1st question please:

Do I need to download additional codecs to get the videos to play normally and is installing codecs possible with winamp 5.622?

2nd question please:

Is Winamp 5.622 heavy on memory resources? I noticed when the videos do not display, there are image fragments of my desktop in the video screen area. Historically this means there could be some memory issues or a shortage of memory needed to run videos. If so, then why does VLC media player work perfectly on my Win2k system?

System details:

Windows 2000 Operating system with Service pack 4 installed
iWill motherboard DVD266R
VIA Apollo Pro Chipset
“Dual” Intel Pentium III Coppermine processors
1 gig of memory
Hardrive 40 gigs (plenty free space)

Thank you for your help
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