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Strength of case against Zimmerman questioned

(CBS News) Now that George Zimmerman is behind bars facing murder charges for shooting Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla. on Feb. 26, there are questions about just how strong a case prosecutors have against him.


All us white guys just run around gunning down African Americans for no reason...

Man... when I see a black guy.... it's just lock and load...

Then I put a Confederate flag on my Camry, and move into a multi-ethnic gated community in Florida for convenient shopping at Nazi's R' Us.

The hoodie I'm wearing this morning is just camo. Better look out if I offer anybody darker than me a beer or a cup of coffee..... I'm white.... it's probably poisoned. At least half of my day is taken up figuring out how to "profile" black people and make them miserable. That's the way it is with us white folks.

Hell... when we see white kids lookin' 'spicous, we just wave em' on through with our secret white people handshake.

George must get the double-double secret handshake down at the klan meetin'

For all you other white guys no darker than George here, the KKK meeting has been changed to Friday. Contact your local coordinator or listen to Rush Limbaugh and get out your secret white people fascist decoder ring.

Who is getting "profiled" George or Trayvon or both?

Trayvon was probably an ok kid with some issues pretty normal for a 17 year old American school kid. He wasn't a thug. He probably wasn't an angel. Hell, I wasn't. Some people thought I was a bit of a hood, and they were right. It was mostly just bullshit, but young bucks....

George. He's just the guy you see mowing the lawn next door in your gated rent-a-box.

This is a very mixed cultured, suburban neighborhood. You've seen higher end row housing like this.

Two middle class dweebs get into a tragic jam. This becomes grounds for protest, a $10,000 bounty by the black panthers, mention by the President of the United States, a government task force, a special prosecutor and an investigation by the justice department.........

Have we just clearly gone off the edge?

OMG! It's open warfare in suburbia!
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