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Metrolyrics error?

I've tried and seach to find a similar problem but to no luck.
Most searches just points me to songs containing the word black...
I don't know where I can post this, so I hope I can get some help here.

This is what I see no matter what I press and no matter what song is playing.
A few times the lyrics does show, but 97% of the times, just a black screen.
No error message at all.

Anyone know what's wrong or even better, how to fix it?
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It seems to be a (hopefully temporary) serverside issue....

Does it start working ok when you click the Refresh button?


Urghh, I see what you mean.

I guess this might have something to do with it....
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Same problem for me

I've noticed this for the last few weeks. Very annoying. It's my favourite feature on Winamp. Any solution?
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other than contacting metrolyrics and pestering them, there's not much which can be done through here since it's all hosted by metrolyrics and Winamp is just acting as a way to get to it and it appears they just don't have the means to support the number of people trying to access it or are having system issues.

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