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How to build the uninstaller

When I run my build using either EclipseNSIS or from the command line I'm not seeing that a new uninstall.exe is being built. How do I rebuild the uninstaller?

I've looked in the doc page, looked on the NSIS Wiki, read the FAQ and tried searching this forum but have found nothing even close to why I can't build the uninstall. In my code I do have a Section "Uninstall".
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The uninstaller is built at install time, not at compile time. Just call WriteUninstaller from one of your sections.

If you need a separate uninstall.exe at compiletime, you'll have to use !system to call makensis youruninstaller.nsi and then call the created installer which will render you an uninstall.exe which you can use in your actual installer. But in most cases you won't need this at all.
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Originally Posted by MSG View Post
The uninstaller is built at install time, not at compile time.
Not 100% true, it is a sort of hybrid between the two.

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I suppose UNinstaller is built automatically from "Uninstall" section in main script file.
But it is not written to disk - it is created in memory and stored inside installer .exe file.

During installation a "real" uninstall.exe is written to disk - but it perform exactly the same as mention in section "Uninstall".

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