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How can I increase my listenership?


I have been broadcasting my station through Shoutcast for some time now without any issues. When I originally set things up I assumed that I would be able to have 32 listeners. Recently I had 10 listeners at one time and the listeners started to experience buffering. Upon further investigation in these forums, it seems that my upload speed of 0.7 Mbps along with my output at 128 kbps will mean that I will top out at 10 listeners max.

When I originally gave thought to setting up my own radio station, I figured that I could just broadcast directly from my computer, but read that by streaming to Shoutcast would allow me to have more listeners. This isn't the case. My question... if both options of broadcasting can only have 10 listeners, why would anyone bother broadcasting via Shoutcast? Am I missing a crucial step to broadcasting to more listeners? Just when my listenership seems to be increasing, I seem to be stymied by a poor upload connection with my ISP. Comments and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated .

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this is where you went wrong ... "streaming to Shoutcast" ... what do YOU mean by that?

are you streaming to a DNAS that is NOT on your computer?

Is it just me or are shoutcast users getting dumber?
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i think the main issue is interpreting what can be done with SHOUTcast to have listeners in the wrong way as yes it can get you more listeners but it will not magically give more bandwidth for the stream for those people.

the bandwidth is always provided by you and SHOUTcast just provides tools and a way for people to generally find your station via the Directory and via the API provided to partners which allow it to appear on mobile devices, etc.

as for your setup, yes you can provide a stream for 32 people but only if you are able to provide the bandwidth needed and usually doing that from a computer at home will not suffice if you're looking to get bigger. as such unless you upgrade your home internet or go with dedicated hosting which provides the number of client slots required (and will usually cost you more), there is only a limit to what you can do with a PC running at home.

that is not something SHOUTcast has any control over as there's no way to know how someone is going to use the tools once they are downloaded and installed.

so that gives you 3 options on how to increase the listener slots available:
a) provide a lower bitrate stream for everyone e.g. drop to 64kbps and you double your potential maximum (though really 5-6 is the expected max for 0.7Mbps upload with a 128kbps stream)
b) upgrade to a home solution with more bandwidth (costs you more)
c) move to a dedicate hosting solution with enough bandwidth (will cost more than a) but may cost less than doing b) )

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Thanks DrO... your three points really tell me what is required. My next step will be to investigate the options. That being said, I will be looking to keep my costs low as this is strictly a hobby. Having more listeners though is pretty cool. Thanks again.

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