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bought winamp android ##but big hassle!!

- one month ago-
I was looking at my android fone and thought "hey for £3.20 i can have a good sound on this- and plug in all over the place"- bought the winamp android.. and THAT WAS THE LAST I EVER HEARD OR SAW OF IT!!
never received a download link, nothing.. contacted twice the winamp support... guess what???
second email...

you guessed it.. NOTHING..
so the question is..
is it a con???
or are they just "messers" ?
anyway, nothing to lose now, so i thought i would put a post here..
btw my fones a samsung- but seeing as the "support" from winamp seems to be appalling, i doubt if i will ever be able to get it working on my fone, if i ever receive it..
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Where did you send the email?
Try: feedback (at winamp.com)

Be sure to include the gmail account associated with your purchase.
The google order number from Google Wallet would also help....

Was it the in-app upgrade from free to Pro?
Or did you purchase the separate Winamp Pro stub?

It's all pretty much automated with the Android Market / Google Play.

For the in-app upgrade, (re)install the free version:

As long as you are logged into the same Google aact on your phone with which you made the purchase, then it will automatically recognize that you've already upgraded to Pro.
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WinAMP is not responsible for how google's store functions - if anything went wrong, it's google's fault.

Try logging into the google android market from your computer and seeing if it actually registered as purchased.
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