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Track enging skip

Hey all,

Most tracks from cds seem to skip the final few seconds and then move on to the next track. Its nt really a major problem I suppose but it would be nice if it played the whole way through. Im using the original cd dll and not cd reader or what ever it is called. I'm using version 2.78c of winamp. Any ideas. I'ver tried playing with the setting but some of them I just dont understand so it becomes trial and error. Nothing I've tried seems to work.

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Does this happen with all CD's, or just a particular one?? To me it sounds like you have some plugin installed that is doing this to you - check that this is not the case.

If all else fails, you could try the CD Reader plugin....

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Ok I did some testing. It seems that it does not effect all cds, I'm listening to smashmouth fushyumang right now and that seems ok, but I noticed that it doesnt affect all tracks. Some tracks seem to skip the end but not others. If I play the cds again then it will still be the same tracks that skip. I thought it may be dirt on the cd but they look really clean. The old dirty bastard cd skiped on almost every track. Its cds where the tracks lead into the next one that are most noticeable such as massive attack and beastie boys. I tried the cd reader plugin a while ago but for a different problem. I'll give it a go again but I remember not liking it for some reason. I think the sound output was different but only minorly. I just wanted a solution that didnt mean changing drivers or dlls...whatever you know what I mean?...
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The beauty of the CDReader plugin is that you can use the EQ to enhance the sound, whereas the EQ doesn't work with the default cd plugin

Also, if you are using DirectSound Output, either try switching to WaveOut, or use one of these instead:
PP's experimental DirectSound Output
PP's replacement Crossfading DirectSound Output
PP's replacement WaveOut Plugin

Or try this patch:
Winamp 2.78 Update
(Updates both out_wave & out_ds plugins to peter's (PP) versions, also updates in_midi.dll & in_wave.dll to new pre v2.79 versions)

Further details: (READ THIS FIRST)

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Update Jan 2005
Please ignore everything above.
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and the suggestions here no longer apply under Winamp 5.x
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I seem to be having similar troubles. Except with normal MP3 tracks and 5.08c. Any suggestions?
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Please do not revive old threads. IMHO, it is better to start a new one of if it is more than a couple weeks old. The posting dates can be found under the forum name next to the 'Profile' button.

Although not necessary, close Winamp, Windows and reboot the computer after making the DirectSound changes.

No dice? Try updating the soundcard drivers. If you have a soundcard go the manufacturer's website for updates. If you have an on board sound chip, go to the website of your computer provider or the manufacturer of the mother board. Also make sure DirectX is up to date for your system.

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