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DJ Egg
Winamp & Shoutcast Team
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Post All Winamp 5.094 Official Plugin Bug Reports In This Thread

Report ALL Winamp 5.094 Plugin bugs in this thread ONLY.


Here is a LIST of the Official Plugins and their Versions that shipped with 5.094

Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder 3.1 [in_mp3.dll]
Nullsoft MIDI player 3.07 [in_midi.dll]
Nullsoft CD/LineIn plug-in (CDDB2) v3.06 [in_cdda.dll]
Nullsoft Waveform Decoder v2.06 [in_wave.dll]
Nullsoft DirectShow Decoder v0.94 [in_dshow.dll]
Nullsoft Vorbis Decoder v1.40 [in_vorbis.dll]
Nullsoft Module Decoder v2.2.11 [in_mod.dll]
Nullsoft NSV Decoder v1.05 [in_nsv.dll]
Nullsoft MP4 demuxer v0.6 [in_mp4.dll]
Nullsoft WMA plugin-in 2.11 [in_wm.dll]

DirectSound Output v2.32 (d) [out_ds.dll]
Waveout output v2.1 (d) [out_wave.dll]
Nullsoft Disk Writer Plug-in v2.0c [out_disk.dll]

Advanced Visualization Studio v2.81b [vis_avs.dll]
MilkDrop 1.04b [vis_milk.dll]
Nullsoft Tiny Fullscreen 2001 v2.05 [vis_nsfs.dll]

Nullsoft Signal Processing Studio DSP v0.36 [dsp_sps.dll]

CD Ripping Encoders:
MP4 AAC v1.0 [enc_mp4.dll]
Raw AAC v1.00 [enc_aac.dll]
MP3 Encoder v1.2 [enc_lame.dll] (with lame_enc 3.96)
WAV Output
WMA Encoder 1.0 (removed for now)

General Purpose:
Nullsoft Tray Control v.02 [gen_tray.dll]
Nullsoft Global Hotkeys v1.3 [gen_hotkeys.dll]
Nullsoft Winamp Library v2.15 [gen_ml.dll]
Nullsoft Modern Skins Support v1.06 [gen_ff.dll]
Jump To File Extra v0.96fg [gen_jumpex.dll]

Provide the following Information with every Report, and with every CONFIRMATION of someone else's report:

Winamp 5.094 - clean install (with NO 3rd-party plugins)
Windows OS, including Service Pack
System specs (mobo, cpu, ram)
Video Card, Video Card Drivers
Sound Card, Sound Card Drivers
DirectX version
Plugin and Plugin Version

If applicable, also include Error Logs and/or FULL Error Messages.

To reproduce some bugs, we may also need a link to a zipped sample file.

The more information you provide US, the Faster we can or will help you.

Do NOT report ANY 3rd-party plugin bugs/issues here.
Report them to the author(s) instead (and point them to the 5.04 sdk)

Maintained by Dazog and DJ Egg
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ID3v2 track number is not read correctly

I suspect there might be a bug Winamp's handling of ID2v2 tags. I have a lot of mp3 files encoded with LAME using the "--id3v2-only" parameter, the majority of which Winamp cannot correctly read the ID#v2 "track number" tag. Other applications and hardware players I have tried can read the track number without problems. I've tried using different versions of LAME, 3.90.3 & 3.96.1, with the same results.

Please note that this used to work in versions up to and including 5.03, since then the behaviour is broken.

One way that seems to make Winamp parse the tag correctly is adding the parameter "--pad-id3v2" when encoding with LAME, which according to the LAME documentation "pads version 2 tags with extra 128 bytes". I've not tested this thoroughly though, there may be problems even when padding the tags.

I've found issue to be present in versions 5.04 - 5.07 (and possibly in earlier versions, but not in 5.02, 5.03). I don't use any 3rd-party plugins and I've tried doing clean installs before testing.

A test file containing the track number tag with a value of "12" is available.

Also, see discussion in this thread: http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?threadid=200841
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HE-AAC (AACPlus) M4A files not playing back in WinAmp

I am trying to play back M4A files created with Nero 6 Ultra's HE-AAC (AACPlus) encoder. It seems that WinAmp will play back Nero's files ONLY if they are encoded using AAC LC and will "choke" (freeze/crash) if WinAmp 5.07 is launched to play one of these files. Attempted playback of an AACPlus M4A file causes WinAmp to play a short tone and then either hang or crash and ask you to send a problem report to Microsoft.

I am using WinAmp 5.07 Pro [Fresh Install] under Win XP SP 2 on a Dell Dimension 2400 2.4Ghz Celeron with the latest drivers for a M-Audio MobilePre USB sound card. This problem has been seen by other users as well, so I do not believe it is my system/configuration.

As AACPlus (HE-AAC) files are part of the the new MPEG 4 Audio standard and are becoming quite popular, I believe WinAmp should play them without the need for a 3rd party in_mp4.dll replacement plug-in. Also, since WinAmp does correctly support and play M4A files currently (normal AAC LC ones), it should not crash when presented with a M4A file in HE-AAC/AACPlus format. WinAmp doiesn't crash when presented with a MP3PRO file, but plays it in using the standrd MP3 decoder if the Thompson plug-in is not installed. The same should (at least) happen when playing back M4A AACPlus files, and WinAmp shouldn't crash/hang when playing them.

Since AOL/WinAmp has already paid for a license to use the Coding Technolgies AACPlus decoder, there is no reason to not use that decoder for playback of HE-AAC/AACPlus M4A files just the same way WinAmp currently using the Coding Technolgies AACPlus decoder for .aac files and .aac Internet radio streams.

WinAmp does correctly play AACPlus files without the MP4 container file (i.e. straight .aac files), but this does no good for .M4A files which are the standard packaging/file format for RealPlayer 10.5, iTunes 4.7, iPod, and other audio encoder/decoder software. Since iTunes and the iPod is widely rumoured to support AACPlus shortly, I think it would be nice for WinAmp to play back AACPlus/HE-AAC files in a .M4A container file without the need to find and download the replacement FAAD WinAmp plug-in. Thanks!

I have started a thread discussing this on HydrogenAudio.org and a Nero developer replied that it was bug in WinAmp that is causing this crash/bug for playback of HE-AAC/AACPlus M4A/MP4 files in WinAmp's decoder. Something about WinAmp using an older Dolby based decoder for playback of .M4A/.MP4 audio files in WinAmp, even though WinAmp/AOL has paid for, licensed and uses the newer (and properly working) Coding Technolgies AACPlus decoder for .aac files.

Take a look at that thread about this topic with WinAmp at:

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
Known issue.
Nullsoft in_mp4 is just a demuxer. The feature to send he-aac content in .m4a container to the aac+ decoder in in_mp3.dll has not yet been implemented (ie. it currently sends ALL aac content to the lc-aac dolby decoder in in_mp3). If you want this to be fixed/implemented sooner, please start by posting the crash error details and a link to a zipped .m4a file with he-aac content, so we can reproduce the problem and try get someone to fix it (again).

[Edit #2 --> DJ Egg]
This will hopefully be fixed for Winamp 5.1

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At the risk of cross-posting, but this is the technically correct place for this bug report? (hey Egg )


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Attached MIDI file is not played.
Attached Files
File Type: zip hey you.mid.zip (38.5 KB, 1805 views)
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Inventive Soft
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MP3 plugin tag editor has numbers in brackets before the genre.

When editing MP3 tags with the Nullsoft MP3 plugin, changing the genre results in numbers before the genre. Though this doesn't come up in the tag editor, it does come up in ID3-TagIT.

Normally I edit the tags with ID3-TagIT as it's so much more powerful than the Nullsoft MP3 plugin. But this is reproducable.


Gigabyte i810-47B27X M/B
Windows 98SE OEM
192 MB RAM
120 GB Hard Disk
20 GB Hard Disk
DirectX 9c

ID3 TagIT can be downloaded here. I'd get the update as well.

I'm guessing this is the way that the genres are organised in the list. Can anybody clarify this?

Inventive Software
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Winamp 5.08e (classic skin)
2x PIII-500E
704 MiB RAM

The Waveform Decoder v2.06 appears to have two issues:
1. It does not get along well with multi-hour files. Skipping to a position further behind (typically beyond approx. 2 hours) may result in a wrong position or static. These are 44.1 kHz 24 bit stereo files.
2. Mono downmix is b0rken. Levels appear to rise and clipping may occur (with the associated heavy distortion). I've got one very bass heavy 44.1 kHz 16 bit stereo file that shows the problem very well.

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winamp ML title formatting

I´m quite sure i discovered a bug in winamp title formatting in conjunction with media library.

First, i´ve configured winamp that it reads metadata when files are added to the playlist. Then i added %tracknumber% in advanced title formatting.

When i just add files to the playlist per dragndrop, everythings fine: winamp shows tracknumbers like '05/14'.

But when i add the same files to media library first an then to the playlist (it doesn`t matter whether i add them by clicking in the playlist or adding them by dragndrop from explorer) winamp only shows tracknumbers like '05'.

Then it gets even stranger: When i disable the checkbox "Use ML data for playlist title formatting" it shows still tracknumbers like '05', but as soon as the files are played, the leading zero is killed, too. So i just get a '5'. When i add files to the playlist via dragndrop, the leading zero is missing directly.

After deleting those files from the media library, everything gets fine again '05/14'.

I tested this with several files on a 'clean' winamp 5.091.

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
Alas, this (track# x/x) is an unimplemented feature of the media library, not a bug. Also, for leading zeros in Title Formatting, you need to use $num(%tracknumber%,2)

But i can't have a file in ML and displayed xx/yy in the playlist at the same time. The one affecting the other even with the switch in ML options turned off is a bug to me.

[Edit #2 --> DJ Egg]
Yup, we hear ya :-)

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drag-ndrop bug in 5.092

I'd like to report a bug with Winamp 5.092 on WIndows XP.
According to changelog, changes were made in a drag-and-drop support from version 5.08 to version 5.09.
The bug I experience with 5.092, but not with 5.08 is as follows: mp3 files can't be dragged from WinRar archiver window to winamp. The mouse sign changes to plus, but the actual operation doesn't occur.
I use this feature a lot.
Could you fix it, please?


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drag-ndrop bug in 5.092

I second this report. I've been using the MP3 catalog software MP3Collector for a long time. I could drag MP3 files from that software onto the playlist or media library of Winamp 5.08, but now in 5.092 the playlist gives me the "prohibited" icon. (I can still drag and drop onto the media playlist).

A speedy fix of this would be very nice ineed,


[Edit --> DJ Egg]
Added to the Known 5.092 Bugs/Issues list. Thanks.

[Edit #2]
Please confirm that this issue is fixed in 5.093.
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Visualization fullscreen problems for video files

I have a multi-monitor setup, specs:

Winamp 5.92
ATI X800Pro
TV as second display

I'm using Milkdrop for my visualization plugin on the TV, video on the main monitor. When I start playing a playlist with all videos, I can get both the video and Milkdrop vis to go fullscreen, one on each display, no problem. I also have no problem with the video window when the next song comes - that window stays fullscreen, no issues. However, every time a new video file starts, Milkdrop reverts to a non-fullscreen mode.

This problem does NOT happen if I use audio-only files - Milkdrop stays in fullscreen mode.

I was going to try another vis plugin but the other two built-in plugins don't allow fullscreen when video is being played.

This works perfectly except for the fact that the vis gets knocked out of fullscreen mode either at the end of or beginning of a video file being played...

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
Please could you report this issue in the Milkdrop forum.
We've just had confirmation that the same behaviour exists in 5.08 and earlier.
As Milkdrop is now open-source, maybe someone on the sf project can fix it, heh.
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Bug Report: Pure Noise Sometimes After Pause with 24bit Vorbis Input Plugin

I've noticed a bug in 5.092: If I press pause and then resume playback, about 1/10 times the playback will be pure noise. The other 9/10 times, there is no problem. It seems to be random, and seems to be more likely when it has been paused for a long time, which makes me suspect a memory leak.

The configuration that exibits the problem is as follows: ogg vorbis -q9 files, vorbis input plugin with 24bit playback enabled (more on this below), DirectSound output plugin with prebuffer and hardware acceleration enabled, Soundblaster 24bit LIVE! soundcard (with output stage modified to reduce gain), Shure E5C headphones. Running Windows 2000 Pro.

If I hear the pure noise, and then press stop, and then press play, then playback resumes from the beginning of the track normally. This makes me suspect the vorbis plugin because unlike mp3 files, the internal "state" of the ogg decoder depends on the data in each frame back to the beginning of the file. Therefore, if this state were corrupted by a memory leak, the vorbis decoding would be corrupted, and you would hear pseudorandom noise.

A side note on 24bit playback, since this bug only seems to happen in 24bit mode, and some may ask "why don't you just disable 24bit mode, since it CAN'T make a difference": there is a note in the vorbis plugin when you enable 24bit playback that says "This won't make it sound better with 24bit soundblaster cards." This turns out to be wrong - it does make a HUGE difference under these conditions:
1) You are listening to a quiet piece of music (-30dB from maximum amplitude)
2) You have the soundcard volume control turned way down (-20dB) because your speakers are very sensitive (even when the soundcard output amp has been hand modified to attenuate by 20dB)

These two factors multiply so that you are talking about -50dB data. At 16 bits, this means that the loudest part of the quiet music is now at only code #207 of a possible 65536. You can definately hear quantization errors at this level. When I enable the 24 bit playback, everything sounds good. Which is interesting because vorbis playback is like jpg encoding in that it does a Fourier decomposition and stores only the *frequency* information. Thus, on decoding, it is possible to reconstruct the original 16 bit data with *higher* precision than that with which it was originally encoded. This may be why the prevailing opinion has been that 24bits doesn't make a difference - it only does with vorbis.
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Spec : AMD XP2600+ XP-SP2 DX9
9800 Pro, Cat 5.5, SB Live + cd drivers...

Hi, In reply to MoeGreene's post with ID3v2 tag errors, I have them too.

It seems to me they only occur when there is no padding in those tags...
I use MP3Tag and Godfather, and they both show me the tags. BUT if I remove the passing with godfather, after setting the padding in the options to 0 (batch jobs => sync => reset ID3v2 padding) it sometimes can't read the artist field in a track. Really annoying...
I'm going to inspect those files with a hex editor...

I allready found the bug. In my case it is because of the way the V2 tags are written before AND after replaygain garbage.

Example :


In the bad exaple the TPE1 (artist as far as I can remember) is AFTER the MP3Gain things. In the good one it is before.

So actually it isn't a bug in winamp, it's just a little neglection.
I'll just have to find a way to clean those up then...
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Send a message via ICQ to LookStrike
Check this thread.
This is always a bug.


and I can add that when we hit "next" the enqueue is not "read" because all of the songs remain at their position.

I don't know if it is a plug-in or a core bug... sorry

[edit ---> DrO]
it's a known issue with the jtfe (gen_jumpex) plugin and should be remedied (again since i had fixed it before the code loss) in build #8 or #9 of the 0.97 R series of the plugin

splitting this post into the plugin bug report thread
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Send a message via Yahoo to nasakom
Shuttle AN35 (nForce2), Duron 1.8GHz, 512MB
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, SP1
nVidia GeForce4 MX440 64MB AGP8X
Creative Ectiva 5.1 PCI card

I used Winamp 5.08e and decided to upgrade to Winamp 5.093
I uninstalled Winamp 5.08e first before installing 5.093

When clicking on a WMA file in my playlist, Winamp says "[opening]" for a few seconds, then Winamp closes.

I rebooted and the same thing happens. Can't play WMA at all, but MP3s play just fine.

I went back to 5.08e and WMA again plays fine.

Thanks for any help! I greatly appreciate it.

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I had the free version (5.09) of Winamp installed, and upgraded to the Pro version of Winamp. I installed over the free version, without uninstalling. I am using the Lame MP3 plugin v3.97 to encode wav files. The PC would lock-up at random, only when Winamp is encoding wav files to mp3 format. My system is stable overall, except when encoding with Winamp. I have to press reset to reboot the system.

System info:
-Asus A7N8X rev2.0 BIOS ver. 1010
-512MB DDR400 OCZ (256x2 dual channel)
-AMD AthlonXP 2600+ (driver 5.1.2600.0)

-WinXP Pro SP2
-Asus GeForce4 Ti4400 (driver
-Turtle Beach Santa Cruz (driver
-DirectX 9.0c

Please let me know of any solutions, as I have just purchased the Pro version of Winamp exclusively to encode wav file to mp3.

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
Lame MP3 Plugin v3.97 is a 3rd-party plugin and is not included in the default Winamp distro, ie. your post does not belong in this thread.
Try the Winamp Transcoder, or a different MP3 Output plugin
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out_ds.dll 2.31(d): Fade-in doesn't seem to work anymore

I am using Winamp 5.093 with out_ds 2.31(d) (under WinXP SP2). I also should note that I am not using a "clean" Winamp installation, however I have installed out_ds.dll 2.23 for direct comparison, so I am confident that the issue is with out_ds.

In both version of out_ds I have configured a default fading of 333ms and activated it for all points in time, except end of song. Remove silance is activated at around -60dB, buffer length is ca. 5000ms Prebuffer is 500ms, buffer ahead is 0ms, CPU usage control is disabled.

The "fading in" doesn't seem to work in out_ds.dll 2.31(d). When a track is playing (or paused) and I click on another track to start, there is a noticable noise when the new track starts. That noise is almost unaudible when I don't have any DSP plugins (i.e. Izotope Ozone) enable, but when listening carefully it still is audible that the fade-in doesn't work.
It works fine in out_ds v2.23. I didn't have a version in-between available for testing, but would be happy to do so, if I could download one directly (without having to install an earlier version of Winamp).


[Edit --> DJ Egg]
I can't reproduce this, though 333ms is too small a value to test fading in/out with. Try increasing 'on first start' & 'on start' values. Does the problem persist if you disable in_wm.dll, if present? Please also note that we do not support any 3rd-party plugins.
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Sometimes Global Hotkeys doesn't work when running Fullscreen programs. Even when I go to preferences it stops work too (Using Winamp 5.093, Win XP SP2).
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out_ds.dll 2.31(d): Fade-in doesn't seem to work anymore

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
I can't reproduce this, though 333ms is too small a value to test fading in/out with. Try increasing 'on first start' & 'on start' values. Does the problem persist if you disable in_wm.dll, if present? Please also note that we do not support any 3rd-party plugins.
It's even more audible, if you increase the time from 333ms to 999ms. And yes, it happens, even when DSP plugins are disabled, it was just a little more obvious (due to the bass boost of the plugin).

The problem does go away when I disable in_wm_dll. BTW I am playing MP3 files to test this.

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I've been using Winamp for a very long time, I've always tested out every version as soon as it has been available, I've only skipped the v3 series of Winamp and switched directly from the latest stable Winamp 2.9x to the first stable final version of Winamp 5.

So I'm posting because I think I've found a very strange bug in the lastest version (5.093), which I never had before, not even with 5.092.

I think that the bug is related to in_dshow.dll as it concerns the rendering of the status bar which appears when moving the mouse while viewing videos in fullscreen mode.

If you look at the picture I should have attached, when playing *any* video in fullscreen, the status bars (both bottom and top ones) sometimes become crazy, ie. their drawing is heavily messed up: some controls (Play, Pause, volume, etc.) disappear (but are still active if I click on their usual position), the title of the video is sometimes drawn partially on the bottom status bar and vice-versa (the controls are sometimes drawn on the top status bar), etc.

The attached screenshot should be sufficient to figure the kind of drawing problems I have. It's an actual screenshot I took from Winamp while viewing a video in fullscreen mode, except that I've removed all the "black" stuff (eg. the video part which can't be captured by the Print Screen key, the black spaces at left and right of the controls to fit the screen's resolution, etc.).

I've never had this problem with any version of Winamp before. It happens with any video using any codec. I couldn't find the origin of that bug to reproduce it reliably, but it seems to happen when moving the mouse cursor anywhere on the screen while in fullscreen mode, I don't remember if it happens even without touching the mouse.

The only thing I've changed since the appeareance of the problem is the Winamp version from 5.092 to 5.093. When I didn't have it, I was using the same plugins (the only custom plugins I have are Input plugins, such as Tara's one, or stuff to play some additional file formats such as AC3, VGM...), the same configuration options, I've not even changed anything important under Windows such as the display drivers. I'm using a fully updated Win XP SP2 running at 1400x1050@85Hz resolution, on a P4 3 GHz HT "Northwood", processor, with 1,5 GB DDR400 RAM (2x256 and 2x512 Corsair ValueRAM), Radeon 9800 Pro graphics adapter with the latest official Catalyst drivers (5.6)... Under Winamp, I'm using the default modern skin with the Clover (green) color theme, and, although I'm French, I do not use any language pack.

I've also tried with a clean install of Winamp, uninstalling my current Winamp install, renaming its folder to keep my settings and plugins, reinstalling it using the full free installer of 5.093 and without copying my previous Winamp folders contents into the new folder, and the bug still occurs.

I think, unless you know which changes in your sourcecode could have messed up the status bar's display code, that this bug will not be easy to identify, as I don't know exactly how to reproduce it reliably. If you need additional info, on my hardware specs for example, don't hesitate to ask.
Attached Images
File Type: gif winamp5093bug3.gif (2.0 KB, 1499 views)
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Bug: Nullsoft Winamp Library v2.14 [gen_ml.dll]

I am using Winamp 5.093 on a Windows XP SP2 machine.

Using the default 'Music' smart view in the media library I click the tracks column heading in the 'artist box' to make the artists with the most tracks appear at the top of the list. Now if I select a different smart view and then go back to 'Music' the artist list has defaulted back to alphabetical order.
This also happens for the albums column. Sorting the tracks or albums from low to high works correctly and remembers its setting. The tracks column in the 'album box' remembers its setting correctly also.

I hope this is easy to recreate and fix.

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
Yup. Reproduced, heh. Thanks.
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I still have a problem with the way it reads ID3v2 tags.
If u set the preferences in "The Godfather" so it doesn't use padding, the last tag (in the case that I tag them it's always the genre, because The Godfather sorts the tags internally, checked with HEX) doesn't get read in Winamp. It does in iTunes...

Pretty weird, right after the last letter of the genre I found FF as a value, maybe it has anything to do with it?

Anyway this is pretty annoying
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Winamp's Little Stalker
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Multimon maximizing

On a multimonitor setup, if you maximize with winamp on the 2ndary screen, instead of maximizing to the 2ndary it will maximize to the primary.


Doh! I was using the single UI skin. Maybe this belongs elsewhere?

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
Yup, it certainly doesn't belong here. Try the Single UI skin thread.
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Re: out_ds.dll 2.31(d): Fade-in doesn't seem to work anymore

Since I didn't get a response to my recent reply I am still wondering, what it means, if the problem disappears, when in_wm.dll is disabled.

Is this a known bug in in_wm.dll that will be fixed in the next release or what?

Thanks for any info on the matter,
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V 5.093 (x86) Jun 13, 2005.

When holding down the left arrow key or the right arrow key for longer than 8 seconds, Winamp crashes Majorly..

Ctrl-alt-delete doesn't even work. Only way out is a complete reboot using the reset button.

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
Wrong thread. Can't reproduce this. Please read stickys first and provide all the required information, and post in Tech Support instead
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Pasha T.
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gen_ml bug?

Winamp 5.094 - clean install (downloaded from the Nullsoft server)
Albatron PX848PV, Intel Celeron 320 (Celeron D 2.4Ghz revision E0), 512Mb RAM
Windows XP SP2+
NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500, ForceWare 77.72
Creative SB Live! (0220), (driver from Audigy2)
DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)

+JTFE v0.97 R (Build 11)
classic skin

Winamp 5.094+gen_ml plugin shutdown time - 25s
Winamp 5.094-gen_ml plugin shutdown time - 5s

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
Winamp > Prefs > Media Library > Online Media tab > Modify Preferences button: Uncheck "Look for new channels on exit"
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Winamp 5.094: Fade-in still doesn't seem to work anymore

Hi there,

The issue that I reported previously here and here in this thread is still present in Winamp 5.094 and out_ds.dll 2.32(d), namely that the fade-in doesn't work, when starting a song. Instead the song plays at full volume immediately.

To reproduce:
  • Enable all fades (except for "end of song") and select 2999 ms as default fade length.
  • Start playing an MP3 file. It won't fade in, but plays at full volume immediately.
  • When you disable in_wm.dll, the fade-in works properly (even though the file played is an mp3 file and not a wma file).
  • Also with previous versions of out_ds.dll (i.e. 2.23) the fade-in works, even when in_wm.dll is NOT disabled.

Best Regards,

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
Yup. Must be the wrong version of in_wm in the distro, because benski definitely fixed this issue and I confirmed it. But now it's broken again :-(
Note, you have to set a custom fade time for it to work in this broken build.
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Zerro Crash
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Script Failure on Song Change (Notifications enabled):
"Guru Meditation #0021.00000CAA.17 Script Fatal Error
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Zerro Crash
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error "remove window on invalid hwnd"
expression: desktopwnds.haveItem(wnd)

Seemed to be the same error, as I wrote above (previous answer). Only seemed, because I'm accidentally close this red warning window at the top of screen, but this error was happened on the song change (as in previous case).

p.s. Desktop notifications are on.

line 47
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DJ Egg
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@Zerro Crash
How do we reproduce these bugs/errors? (see first post in thread).
Please also confirm a clean install of 5.094 with no 3rd-party plugins or skins.
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Zerro Crash
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@DJ Egg.
Clean install 5.094. Std. Modern skin is in use.

First post contains text in red warning message at the top of screen.
about reproducing: there is no statically command list, at the end of which you can see the error. In common case I’m listening winamp in background for several hours, when the error suddenly appears (usually at the song change). Before this error I’m do something in other application, and do nothing with winamp (usually). Error of this type (I don't say just this) exists since first version of winamp 5.* released (even if desktop notifications are disabled). So this is hard-catch bug and if you want to see it you must just listen winamp for long time and be ready to start debugging or write tech. info about it..

p.s. winamp window was in the toolbar mode (dockable auto-hiding toolbar at the top of screen).
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Jeeper One
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Hi everyone:

EGG: You might wanna add this thread in here as well. I created it before I saw this official thread. Sorry 'bout that.

SEBT: You might not wanna argue with the moderators if ya know what's good for you. They may be right. They may be wrong. But they're still the moderators dude.

Just my $.02 worth

Cheers for now everyone

Pat Cook
Englewood, CO
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Winamp 5.094 crashes on this ID3v2 TAG

54 41 47 4D 69 73 72 65 61 64 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 4B 69 6E 67 73 20 4F 66 20 43 6F 6E 76 65 6E 69 65 6E 63 65 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 52 69 6F 74 20 4F 6E 20 41 6E 20 45 6D 70 74 79 20 53 74 72 65 65 74 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 32 30 30 34 77 6F 68 75 70 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 FF


dunno if this is a known bug or something, don't have time to check. Since bug may be in in_mp3.dll I guess I'm in the correct thread. Feel free to delete/move this post. Just thought it might help...

Problem is: Winamp never crashed on this song, but now (don't know from which version on) it does.
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Fresh install Winamp 5.094
Win XP SP2
No 3rd plug-ins...

File .avi when playing in fullscreen, the osd have mulfuctioning.... file display is ok, but the display osd gone crazy... 1 st maybe ok.. but so on it goes weirds...

The English suffix -logy denotes a field of study or academic discipline.
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I've been watching mpgs that were created using TiVo To Go then the Direct Show Dump utility to extract the raw MPG. This worked fine until 8/14. I think one of two items happened: 1. I upgraded to 5.094 of WinAMP and 2. I allowed Windows Update to install patches. After this, WinAMP will not play the video mpgs. It will play other video MPGs and audio MP3s without problems. But when I try to play a TGT-DSD created MPG, it opens the video window, shows the first frame, then locks up. The Windows error reporting system claims it is caused by winamp.exe, ver, mod: in_dshow.dll, ver and OFfset 0000628f. BTW, these video files still play fine in Windows Media Player (however, it takes 45 seconds for the video to start).
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If you close winamp when a video is playing it will open the video window the next time winamp is ran, even if its launched from doubble clicking an mp3 (non video file)

It's just a slight annoyance, thats all.

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
This is a feature, not a bug
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