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Song Title Pop-Up.. HELP PLEASE!

I seem to remember that when a song started playing in Winamp a little message box in the lower right portion of my screen would pop up displaying the title of the song. I've searched all the options and for the life of me, I can't figure out how to do it or maybe it was my imagination and Winamp can't do this in the first place. It's been driving me nuts tho so an answer, one way or the other would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.
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Notifications or Track/Title Info On Desktop Options

Both the Winamp Modern and Bento skin have Notifications built-in.

-- Winamp Modern
Main/Player window > CONFIG drawer > \Options/ tab > scroll down to Notifications

Click the 'more' button to adjust fade and hold times


Menu-bar (main/player window) > Options > Winamp Modern > Notifications
--Bento skins
View Menu > checkmark 'Skin Settings' > from the multi-content panel (middle top) select Notifier You can change the options by respectively clicking on the item of choice in the right pane.


Menu-bar > Options > Notifications
--ClassicPro (cPro) Skins
Menu-bar > Options > Notifications
-- Other Modern Skins
There are many (but not all) modern skins that also have a notification bubble. It will vary, try the right click menu or Ctrl+P > Skins > Modern Skins > Current Skin tab > Skin Options menu botton. -or- In the Winamp main menu (right click on "empty space" on skins or click Main Menu button in title-bar), there may be a Notifications item. Other skins may have a Config/CFG/Options/OPT button in the main/player window. Notification options may be available via the menubar, if the skin has one.
• Skins Without Notifications
Classic skins and a lot of modern skins do not have a notification pop-up, so if you want a have a notification pop-up with other skins you will need a notification plug-in. Toaster or NxS Balloon Tip are the two most commonly recommended plug-ins. There are also bunch of Notification Style Plug-ins to choose from.

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