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Winamp VST support

Here's my idea..

I compose electronic music using a variety of software sequencers, and when running Sonic Foundry Acid (now pwned by Sony), I usually have my entire library of samples and loops playing randomly in winamp - then if I hear a sound/loop that I like, or that I can edit to fit my track, I copy the location of the file and import it into Acid.

I would like to be able to do this in Steinberg Nuendo, but it is impossible for me to run two audio applications at once, since Nuendo uses the ASIO driver and basically takes over the entire soundcard.

the solution would be to design a plug-in or an alternative version of winamp which allows it to be run as a VST, so that I could browse my sample library within Nuendo and work the way I am used to.

This would be much more efficient than the 'sample preview' option in most sequencers/VST samplers; where you usually have to select each file individually to hear it. With winamp, you can select entire folders to play consecutively, and leave it running.

Could you do this? i.e., make winamp a VST compatible .dll file?

Hope you can!

- espion
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so, any feedback?
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Ok before the dev's and support folks disregard this guys request, let me just say, I was going to ask the same thing. Maybe offer it as a winamp pro feature.

Basically VST is a standardized plugin system for music applications. VST plugins can send audio to the VST host through some VST API. They can recieve audio, and they can modify audio. All kinds of fun things.

I use Justins Frankels Reaper as my music application. I use Reapers multitrack to monitor my inputs from the karaoke CDG drives (2 of them), 2 mics and it monitors my directsound output.

Winamp as a VST wouldn't send audio out through directsound or waveout, rather it would send it to the host application VIA the VST API. Could be Reaper, could be cakewalk, could be Sonic as espion said. Point is, i'm sure a lot of music creators would register winamp pro in a heartbeat if it meant Winamps playlist, media library abilities could be used within their favorite audio application.

I could have 2 reaper tracks, each loaded with it's own Winamp VST on their effect chains and crossfade between them.

There's just a bunch of cool stuff that can be done with it. I demand this.. Now.
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I don't have any midi or VST knoledge, but maybe these can halp:

- VST Winamp Bridge

- http://dmi.smartelectronix.com/
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thanks for the reply..

unfortunately this isn't what I am looking for (still pretty cool though - goot for coming up with random ideas by putting effects over tunes and samples!), but I have figured out something anyway..

It is possible to run Winamp on another output of my soundcard by disabling that output in my midi sequencer. My original problem was conflicting sound channels. ASIO doesn't like multi applications unless they run as a slave to the master application, so now I can browse my files and sequence at the same time!

Winamp as a VST would still be good though. I think it could be a very powerful tool in combination with Ableton or Cubase, etc..
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