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ctrl + a => 2 functions

Used search, but didn't find it(maybe i'm just blind). Not sure if it's a bug tho.
But by deafult(without changing keyboard shortcuts etc) ctrl+a has 2 operations. It's "Select All" in playlist but it's also "Always on top" for winamp itself.

So if you press Ctrl + a to select all files in the playlist then winamp goes for "Always on top" and it's kinda annoying.

Winamp ver. 5.5
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Correct. It's always been like that.

It's more of an SUI skin glitch than a bug.

Main window -> Ctrl+A = Toggle 'Always on top'
Playlist window -> Ctrl+A = Select All

I guess it's been made a bit trickier in the Bento skin to know which component is actually active at the time, i.e. it's easy to tell which is the active window in all other non-SUI skins like Winamp Modern and Classic.
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Originally posted by DJ Egg
Main window -> Ctrl+A = Toggle 'Always on top'
I never knew why the Winamp 'Always on top' option would occasionally toggle
from FALSE to TRUE on me ... until now.

That IS annoying Bonescraper. Good to know I guess.
I'll be more careful which window is highlighted when using Ctrl+A in the future.

This quirk will also come into play if this wishlist item is ever implemented:
Add Select All (Ctrl+A) Option To Artist & Album Panes Of ML SmartViews
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